Match Report
Benenden 1st vs  Sevenoaks School
On: Monday, 05 Dec 2022
Venue: Away

This friendly match against Sevenoaks had 9 players each. There was a mix of years from year 7 to year 11 in the Benenden team. Each match was the best of 5 games.

Maria Goggin was on first and had a very close game against an older opponent, 11-9 11-9 11-8 to Sevenoaks. Victoire Mons and Cosi Remers had good players against them and they both struggled with their accuracy and length losing 3-0. Bea Addyman was not hitting her length on serves so was always on the back foot and also lost 3-0. Georgie Millett and Alice Sismey both won their matches 3-1. They both lost their first game 8-11 but then won the next 3. Georgie and Alice won a lot of points in the front corners with accurate drop shots. Hanna Spencer played Brianna and their styles were very similar. Both girls could hit the ball hard but Hanna struggled with her accuracy and therefore lost 3-0. Flora Bishop had a good game winning 3-1, using her powerful shots and good serves to great affect. Last on was Scarlett Eynon who had the best result for Benenden winning 3-0.

Ciara v Cosi Remers 11-4 11-3 11-6 3-0

Jessica v Victoire Mons 11-3 11-5 11-6 3-0

Sophie S v Bea Addyman 11-4 11-3 11-3 3-0

Morven v Georgie Millett 11-8 4-11 4-11 6-11 1-3

Iyana v Alice Sismey 11-8 8-11 6-11 12-14 1-3

Brianna v Hanna Spencer 11-6 11-4 11-3 3-0

Sophie L v Flora Bishop 6-11 5-11 11-8 8-11 1-3

Milana v Scarlett Eynon 5-11 8-11 6-11 0-3

Eloise v Maria Goggin 11-9 11-9 11-8 3-0