Match Report
Benenden Girls-U16B vs  Epsom College
On: Monday, 14 Nov 2022
Venue: Away

The U16B team are all yr 10 gaining valuable experience. They were up against Brentwood who were all yr 11 and a very talented Epsom team.

Epsom's number 1 is the best junior in the world for her age and she beat Georgie Millett convincingly. Epsom's number 2 is ranked number 5 in the country and beat Alice Sismey in a similar fashion. At 3,4 and 5 they were not as strong but still good players and Hanna Spencer, Phoebe Kinnings and Flora Bishop scored a few more points although losing there matches 0-3.

Maja Mazuik v Georgie Millett 11-1 11-0 11-0

Izzy Hutton v Alice Sismey 11-2 11-0 11-2

Cara Naidoo v Hanna Spencer 11-6 11-2 11-8

Francesca v Phoebe Kinnings 11-7 11-0 11-2

Satomi Brocklebanh v Flora Bishop 11-8 11-8 11-8

The match against Brentwwod was closer with both Hanna and Flora winning one game. Thre were some good rallies, better serving and all the girls played well despite the result. Hopefully next year they will have improved and have a better chance. The team will now play in the plate competition in the New Year.

Georgie Millett v Olivia Mitchell 3-11 4-11 5-11

Alice Sismey v Achinta Hundra 3-11 7-11 10-11

Hanna Spencer v Hayley Sadler 11-10 7-11 5-11

Phoebe Kinnings v Shara Dhir 8-11 4-11 5-11

Flora Bishop v Christina Velane 11-4 8-11 4-11